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This post is a part of the Getting Started series for Prairie Mountain Media’s Site Builder. The information in this post is applicable to all websites but it specifically speaks to the Site Builder. Did you want to find out more about the Site Builder? Email me at


There’s no point in having a site that nobody visits. Fortunately is not too difficult to get search traffic if you understand the concept of the internet “long tail” and are creative choosing your “keywords”.

  • Think about what searchers will type. The word people use may be different from what your industry uses.
    (for example, most furniture sites use the term “contemporary furniture” where searcher equally use “modern furniture”. Those people who optimize their website have a better chance of getting more traffic)
  • If your business is local, you should register it with Google My Business. This will help tremendously with ranking higher in searches.
  • Make sure your Description Meta is appealing to searchers. It is like your sales copy in any listing.
  • Make sure your pages Meta Title have important Keywords and that these keywords are also in titles and paragraphs.
  • Add Social share buttons to blog posts. By default, these are added in when choosing a template with Prairie Mountain Media.
  • Use curiosity on social networks to get clicks to your site.  This is used all the time as people dislike an incomplete story. An example would be to post the first paragraph of a blog, and then have a “Read More” button which leads to your website.
  • Use titles that promise life improvement with little effort.  People love life hacks and top 5 lists.


There is no point in traffic if visitors don’t take action.  Approximately 7o% of visitors don’t return to a site. There are a few tricks to help conversion, but how effective they depend on context. There is no magic bullet. Above all things, you need good copy laid out in an appealing way and focused on what the visitors are looking for. Some options are:

  • 2 step opt-ins forms. These are pop-up forms that appear when a button is clicked.
  • Timed pop-up or slide-ins designed to build an email list through a free offer.
  • Automated email responders and thank you pages and be used to tempt the use to take another action like join a selected social network.
  • Counter common fears near “call to actions”  ie. “we value your privacy” near sign-ups and encryption logos near “buy now” buttons.
  • Scarcity is one of the biggest converters. Who likes to miss out?

Many visitors are researching and are not ready to buy yet. This is why emails lists and content marketing are useful. When you can stay in touch with a potential customer, you stay in their thoughts. If you have provided them is useful content without expectation they are likely to want to reciprocate too.

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