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This post is a part of the Getting Started series for Prairie Mountain Media’s Site Builder. The information in this post is applicable to all websites but it specifically speaks to the Site Builder. Did you want to find out more about the Site Builder? Email me at


There are a number of resources and tools that we recommend for finding the perfect colour scheme.


  • – Our favourite colour palette generator as it immediately shows you how it will look on a layout.
  • – The super fast colour schemes generator. Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds! You can also explore palettes created by others.
  • – Color Hunt is a free and open platform for colour inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked colour palettes.
  • – Google, but for colours.
  • – A great resource for getting different shades and tones of a selected colour.


  • – An extension for Chrome or Firefox. If you find a colour you like on a different webpage you can use this to pick the colour.


By using the Colour Palette you can save your favourite or most commonly used colours throughout your site. This is highly recommended as it will be a huge time saver and create aesthetic consistency.

Navigate to the Colour Palette by selecting it from the left bar in your dashboard. The only part you will really need to concern yourself with is the colours under the “Active” tab. By default, there are a number of gray tones under there that are used on the default site. To add your own colours you can hit the + to the left of the “Active” tab.


The areas under the Visual Customizer that have a colour setting.

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