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This post is a part of the Getting Started series for Prairie Mountain Media’s Site Builder. The information in this post is applicable to all websites but it specifically speaks to the Site Builder. Did you want to find out more about the Site Builder? Email me at


YES, if you understand how content marketing works.
NO, if you only heard it is something you ought to do, and have now decided to do it.
Blogs can be great marketing, but the chances of success are slim if you know nothing about it.


Do you need comments on?

When turned on the comments section will attract spammers and hackers looking for a way in. At Prairie Mountain Media we have systems in place to prevent this from happening… but nothing is perfect. Only use comments if you are expecting real engagement.

Do you need Social Sharing?

An example is shown to the right of this post(unless you have edited the blog layout). The answer is almost certainly yes, but you need to know how to get a post showing the right image. The more people you get your content in front of, the better. Just make sure it looks good!

Do you need an Author Bio?

It certainly doesn’t hurt. Consider getting a Gravatar. They’re free and becoming more and more popular. You will find that once you have set it up your Gravatar will show up on my sites you have already registered for.

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